Many people have asked me “How did you edit your pictures like that ?”, “Was it hard?”, “Where did you get these patterns and how did you come up with all these ideas and stuffs ?” etc…

This is a very simple Photoshop skill. You can easily find the tutorials on the Internet (Google/ Pinterest/…).  But the important thing is how you handle with the Opacity&Fill, the layers, the colours, the mood of the photo. It all goes together. It has to.

So, to answer the question How did I come up with those ideas then you have to ask yourself one thing: When people see your pictures, what do you want them to see ? Or maybe, to feel ?

Can you show them what’s on your mind ?

Klaudia fotographed by Da Mieu. hanoi, 2015.
Klaudia fotographed by Da Mieu.
hanoi, 2015.


Bui Huy Quynh Anh, fotographed by Da Mieu. hanoi, 2016.

Copyrights: Da Mieu Photography- Facebook Page / instagram @da.mieu

2 thoughts on “DOUBLE EXPOSURE”

  1. Chị viết thêm đi ạ, em thích đọc những bài viết từ những photographer lắm.

    Khi nào chị làm mấy video bts nữa nha!

  2. Hi chị! I really love your photos legit.
    Have you ever thought of making videos showing how to edit pictures, like a tutorial?
    I’m studying in the UK and learning to take pictures like photographers that I like so you are one of my choices. Hope you will.

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